Ramseeker (for iBook memory)

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Date: Monday, February 1st, 1999, 00:00
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Checking with Ramseeker shows that RAM prices have in fact dropped in the last week. Some sample iBook memory prices are US$55 for a 32 MB module, US$88 for a 64 MB module, and $201 for a 128 MB module (from MacSolutions). One reader postulates that there’s now a shortage of motherboards, resulting in reduced demand and therefore lower prices. Whatever the reason, it’s impossible to predict if prices will go up or down, but if you only have 32 MB of RAM you will see much benefit in upgrading your memory.

Ramseeker is celebrating its second birthday. After two years of tracking RAM prices for Macs, they are holding a contest to give away 128 MB of RAM. Ramseeker doesn’t sell memory, but instead tracks memory upgrade prices from over 40 vendors (currently 46) on 23 different types of memory modules for Apple Macintosh Computers, including the new Apple iMac, iBook and Power Macintosh G4 models.

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