Reader Report: AirPort Card and Base Station Tested

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Date: Monday, February 1st, 1999, 00:00
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The AirPort Card and Base Station may be well worth the wait:

November 09, 1999

Our sys admin got her Air Port card yesterday, after receiving the basestation (Friday) and her Tangerine iBook (Monday; all ordered togetheron 7/23) last week. We tried out the wireless networking in our cubiclefarm, which has sturdy, steel frames over 6 feet high. Even in the farcorner of the room, some 50 feet from the base station (situated atdesktop level) as the crow flies, we were able to get two dots in thewireless control strip module and download images on the Web atperceived speeds as good as we get on 100Base-T cards over Cat-5.

Everybody who saw it was very impressed, particularly the wistfulWindows users.

It was worth waiting for. Way to go, Apple and Lucent.

Joe Gurman

Sounds very cool, thanks for the report Joe Gurman!

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