Recent patent shows Apple’s exploration into fuel cell-based devices with weeklong battery lives

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Date: Thursday, September 3rd, 2015, 07:19
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This could lead to some extremely cool stuff.

A patent published by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office on Thursday shows that Apple is looking into using hydrogen fuel cell technology to power its portable devices.

Text and diagrams depict not only a fuel cell stack for generating power, but related aspects like connections with the portable device and a cartridge system for adding fuel.

The diagrams make reference to a MagSafe connector, implying that technology would be oriented towards MacBooks, and claim that a device could run for “days or even weeks” without refueling.

The report ties in with a recent experiment in which British firm Intelligent Energy developed a prototype iPhone 6 pairing a fuel cell with a rechargeable battery. The company has reportedly been working closely with Apple, though neither party has been willing to comment on that claim.

Intelligent Energy’s system would use an ultra-thin stack, and disposable cartridges containing enough fuel powder to run an iPhone for a week.

While this may not lead to an overnight change in battery and fuel technologies for your Apple products, it could pave the way towards something that saves space within the device. A fuel/cartridge-based technology might produce new concerns, through, as there could be outsized manufacturing and environmental costs in producing a supply of cartridges.

Still, a device that could run for weeks at a time, this could be nifty…

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