Regarding the Mac use in Target's Marketing

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Date: Friday, December 14th, 2001, 11:20
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This is not a Target-only occurance. Far from it.

In last week’s Sunday paper, (Minneapolis, Star-Tribune), there were numerous advertisers using Macs for the computer “props”. Most visible was the beautiful, 4-color, heavy-weight ad for the Mall of America. (kWhich, incidently, has an Apple Store). It not only had the Apple store ad with pictures, but several of the other retailers used Apple products, including a full page clothing ad with several men standing around a desk looking at an Apple Studio display (17″, I think).

Another notable is the Home Depot ad with a PowerMac G4 featured in the ad for Cat. 5 cabling.

As we Mac users know, Macs appear in ads because the ads are produced on Macs, and Macs are visually the most photogenic computer products.

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