Replacement TiBook Display Cushions Available

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Date: Monday, March 11th, 2002, 11:06
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Among other comments to our story last week about a broken TiBook hinge were concerns about the Ti’s anemic display cushions. Radiologic Technologies now has a temporary site with photos of the new display cushions for the PowerBook G4.

John Grzeskowiak of Radiologic writes us: “The cushions are made from a rubber polymer and are .040″ thick. They will compress to approximately .030”. These cushions offer a tremendous amount of protection and rigidity compared to the ineffective, fragile original equipment. They attach via an adhesive backing and can be removed at any time with no damage to the titanium surface. The cushions add significant rigidity to the PowerBook when closed and help eliminate the unintentional opening if the latch button is slightly pressed, such as when carrying the unit.

”Our commerce site will not be available for several days, however, those wishing to obtain the cushions, which we have dubbed “WildEepz” can do so by sending $10 US by check, money order, or cash as you see fit to the following address. Please make checks payable to: Radiologic Technologies. We have several sets in stock and can ship immediately.”

Radiologic Technologies
1917 Fernwood Trail Dr.
St. Louis, Mo 63031-7432

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