Reserve Strap, other outfits, eye Apple Watch diagnostic port for accessories

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Date: Monday, May 4th, 2015, 08:41
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Sometimes it’s the lesser known ports that allow for the best peripherals.

A number of third party vendors are looking to use the small diagnostic port hidden inside one of the Apple Watch’s lugs to charge the device. One accessory maker discussed this approach, opening up the possibility of a “Made for Apple Watch” program down the line.

“Our engineers have been able to independently confirm that the 6-pin diagnostic port underneath the Apple Watch case can be used for charging,” the designers of battery band Reserve Strap wrote in a recent post. This is an undocumented functionality, and there is no word on whether Apple will allow continued access via the port.

It’s unknown as to whether Apple will allow development of accessories around this port.

Alternatively, Apple could restrict the use of the diagnostic port via a software or firmware update. This is more in line with the company’s stance on iOS-connected accessories, where Apple seeks a modicum of control over the quality of its ecosystem.

Apple has yet to publicly discuss the Apple Watch’s diagnostic port or its uses.

Stay tuned for additional details as they become available.

Via AppleInsider and Engadget

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