Review: Lexmark Optra E310 USB Printer

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Date: Monday, February 1st, 1999, 00:00
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The Lexmark Optra E310 has found a permanent home on the corner of my perpetually messy news desk and hums quietly every so often when I print out a hot lead about new Apple products. This USB laser printer retails for US$399 and prints at 600 x 600 dpi, 1200 image quality. The only complaint I have about the compact design is that it’s a little too _beige_ for my tastes!’s test labs did have a few issues with installation, which turned out to be more of an OS 8.6 issue (or a remedial user issue), than a Lexmark problem. I also found Lexmark’s tech support knowledgeable, helpful and sympathetic to remedial tech editors. Lest others run into the same issues I did, remember this tip: You must be running OS 8.6 (or later) to have USB support for printers. If you upgraded to OS 8.6, make sure all components are in their original folders when you upgrade or they will not be updated. Apple has posted a TIL about this. In my case, the Desktop Printer Utility was moved from the Apple Extras folder and wasn’t updated so it appeared my Tangerine sweetie wouldn’t support the USB printer. Once I moved it back and reinstalled OS 8.6, I had no problem whatsoever installing and running the Optra E310.

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