Review: Microsoft Word 98 Special Edition for the iMac and iBook

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Date: Monday, February 1st, 1999, 00:00
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Microsoft has released a new version of Word 98 that is specially programmed for iMacs and iBooks. Here’s the verdict: MS Word 98 SE iMac/iBook is faster than MS Word 98 and includes many cool new features. There are so many new features that I can only list a few of them here.

  • Greeting card templates with sample paper
  • 5,000 clip-art images
  • Microsoft IE 4.5 and MS Outlook Express 4.5
  • Movie/Web/Picture/PowerBook toolbars
  • Webpage Wizard
  • Visual Basic scripting/programming language
  • Better Mac to PC / PC to Mac file conversions
  • Improved Spellchecking and AutoCorrect
  • Italics are clearly distinguishable now
  • Work Menu feature – saves list of recently created documents

System Requirements

  • Apple iMac or iBook computer
  • Apple Mac OS System 7.5 or later; System 7.5.5 or later recommended
  • 16MB of RAM
  • Approximately 69 MB of available hard drive space
  • CD-ROM drive (or connection to a Local Area Network if installing over network)
  • Monitor or display supporting 16 grays or 256 colors, or higher, with 640 X 400 or higher resolution

This is probably the best word-processing software you can get on a Mac. It’s feature-packed, but not at the cost of performance, and it has all sorts of nice extras that go beyond the basic word processor. This is blasphemy, but Microsoft has done a good job with this version of Word 98 and I would highly recommend it to any Mac user. 5 thunderbolts out of 5.

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