Review: Star Wars Pit Droids Demo

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Date: Monday, February 1st, 1999, 00:00
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It’s been a while since I’ve seen a puzzle game that I really like, the last one being Lemmings with their cute antics and small-furry-rodent voices saying "Oh No!" and "Let’s Go!" Also, I was a bit wary of something with a Star Wars tie-in, after seeing Star Wars: Episode I and thinking it was lame.

Pit Droids is quite fun, if you’re into puzzle games like Lemmings. From an overhead view, you direct these lemming-like pit droids to their destinations using arrows which you place on the ground. There are various obstacles such as fan openings in the ground that open and close on a set interval, and barriers which you have to unlock by walking a pit droid over a "key" switch. In some levels the pit droids come in different colors, and you have colored arrows that let you sort them.

The pit droids don’t make any sounds, unlike the cute and lovable Lemmings, and there aren’t as many different tools as in Lemmings. There are only a few levels in the demo, so it’s hard to say if the game will get boring after a few plays.

Pit Droids requires Mac OS 7.6, 17 MB of free RAM, 22 MB of hard disk space, PowerPC, and thousands of colors. You can download the demo at

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