Ricochet Bounces Back, Cautiously

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Date: Tuesday, February 26th, 2002, 01:27
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Just saw this on Slashdot and had to post it, knowing what Ricochet lovers ya’ll are :o)

SimHacker writes: “An article in salon.com reports that the Ricochet wireless network will be bouncing back from the dead! Aerie Networks, who purchased Metricom’s Ricochet network for $8.25 million, is going to offer the service in markets where it was popular, like Southern California and the Bay Area. They’re also planning to lower the price of the modem from $300 to $100, and lower the monthly flat rate fee from $80 to $50. Ricochet is hardly the perfect wireless network, but it’s much faster and more reliable than CDPD, so I’m really looking forward to signing back up.”

Fine, but what about Philly?

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