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Date: Friday, April 19th, 2002, 02:33
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I just received this in an email from Ricochet:

Why is that things you DON’T really want to deal with-like oil changes or tax filing-are upon you before you know it…while things you CAN’T WAIT FOR-like summertime and Ricochet® service-seem to take so long to happen?

Life is funny that way.

Take heart, though. Good things do happen, inevitably.

Since you are a former user of Ricochet high-speed wire-free Internet service, we figured you’d appreciate an update on our progress in making Ricochet happen.

Our operational tests in Colorado are going well. We’ve had successful operational trials with the city and county of Denver. This is great news and has us very optimistic and excited. We are making significant progress toward launching the Ricochet network, but are also want to be sure we re-deploy the best, most reliable service for former users…at a lower price than before, too.

We are getting very close with quite a few cities for our first commercial rollouts later this year. We will soon begin building out the network in specific areas. You can get updates at www.ricochet.com. We’ll also be staying in touch with you via email to keep you informed of our progress and when service might be available where you live or work.

Due to the high volume of emails we are receiving, we are unable to respond to each email individually. We will follow up with individual responses to those of you with interest in partnership opportunities, network infrastructure and product development.

Thank you for your continued interest in Ricochet and hold onto your modems.

And, until you get Ricochet, at least enjoy summertime. It’s almost here!

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