RoadTools Updates Traveler CoolPad

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Date: Tuesday, March 26th, 2002, 00:00
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PowerPage sponsor RoadTools has release an update to their swiveling Traveler CoolPad. The new Traveler CoolPad [US$19.95] is now more like a small version of the Podium CoolPad [US$29.95] – it has the same trapezoidal shape as its bigger brother which makes it more stable with the larger laptops.

The CoolPad keeps your PowerBook cooler by allowing more natural convection (air flow) around the unit and it pivots 360 degrees making it easy to share your screen with friends and colleagues. I use a Podium CoolPad all the time with my TiBook as is keeps the excessive heat from extended use away from my lap making my TiBook much more comfortable to use.

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