Rumor: Apple to release iPhone 5 in late June

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Date: Tuesday, April 5th, 2011, 04:37
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It isn’t the strongest rumor but it’s still a rumor.

Per Korean web site etnews, Apple will be releasing the iPhone 5 arriving in June after all. The device would still miss WWDC but could have a special event with Steve Jobs weeks later. ETNews claimed to know that both KT and SK Telecom would have the new model along with or soon after other countries.

Despite suspicions, the iPhone 5 wasn’t necessarily delayed, according to tips. The unnamed sources didn’t have an explanation for Sony’s Howard Stringer warning that iPhone cameras might be delayed due to the Japanese earthquake.

The assertions are contradict Apple’s usual pattern of Korean iPhone launches, which usually have the device ships to Korea months after everyone else and only just shipped the iPhone 4 to SK Telecom. Even with a July ship date, it would give the current iPhone just over three months on the market.

Apple also rarely has an event so close after WWDC. If a release is close to the event, it usually prefers to mention the new hardware at the event itself and time the release accordingly.

If not at WWDC, the unveil’s actual release date is still a mystery. Although both the initial tip and follow-up rumors have presumed the September media event would be the most likely candidate, they didn’t know for certain and didn’t rule out an in-between event. Apple might want the iPhone 5 to ship as quickly as possible to hedge against Android and could be unwilling to wait any longer than necessary.

Stay tuned for additional information as it becomes available.

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2 Responses to “Rumor: Apple to release iPhone 5 in late June”

  1. Here is Similar Story

    The Apple rumor mill is spinning at top speed this morning, and the latest whisper being retweeted as loud as anything is that we could see the iPhone 5 by the end of June.

    The word is that the release won’t happen at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference scheduled for the first part of the month, something that’s already been reported widely, but will come instead at the end of June.

    When it comes to the overheated world of iPhone rumors, which all inevitably get run through the blogosphere grinder, we’re bound to get some pits in the applesauce every now and then, and when I trace this one back to its source, it’s a little suspect.

  2. I heard the same rumor during the release of iPhone 4. But it never happened that way. Hope to see iPhone5 in market soon.