Rumor: Case manufacturer Nodus cites lack of Touch ID on next-gen iPhone

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Date: Monday, August 21st, 2017, 05:26
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Sometimes it’s the case and accessory designers that have the most information about an upcoming Apple product.

Accessory maker Nodus has finalized the case design for Apple’s next-gen iPhone. The overall design appears largely congruent with recent parts leaks and supposed insider information, featuring a nearly bezel-free full-face display with telltale sensor “notch.”

Interestingly, Nodus’ design seems to corroborate the findings in Apple’s HomePod firmware leak. Specifically, the “iPhone 8” software will include graphical assets like a split status bar to present the sensor “notch” as an integrated piece of the onscreen UI.

It’s also believed that Apple will likely do away with Touch ID in favor of more advanced biometric recognition technology. Apple is expected to debut a highly accurate facial recognition system based on depth-sensing camera equipment, functionality supported by code discovered in the recently leaked HomePod firmware.

According to Forbes, the next-gen iPhone could include a “sleep/wake” button. Other sources have claimed that Apple could enable Touch ID in the button via a software update, but such a solution “doesn’t feel like the Apple way,” according to the author.

Apple has been rumored to integrate Touch ID, or a fingerprint recognition system, underneath the next-gen iPhone’s OLED display. This task has been rumored to be more difficult than anticipated and Apple may be mixing this technology with a facial recognition system.

Stay tuned for additional details as they become available.

Via AppleInsider and Forbes

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