Rumor: Fourth-Generation iPhone to be Slightly Taller Than Current Models

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Date: Tuesday, February 9th, 2010, 04:08
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Recently, the cool cats at iResQ leaked photos of what they claim are parts from Apple’s upcoming iPhone 4G, which is anticipated to be released this summer. Per MacRumors, the iResQ pictures focus on a screen that is apparently 1/4″ taller than current models. The site also notes that the screen is glued to the digitizer, which would make screen repair of the next-generation device more costly than 3G and 3GS models.



The images also point out that the part has a reflective, mirror-like surface right above the earpiece. It’s generally thought that this is where a proximity sensor would be located, which also happens to be a different location than previous models. Although iResQ has been around for a while, it’s difficult to determine if this is a production part or just a prototype.

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One Response to “Rumor: Fourth-Generation iPhone to be Slightly Taller Than Current Models”

  1. I’m hoping the next iPhone has at least 1 of these.
    Which would you like to see?

    A front lens.
    Two lens… front and back.
    A switch that flips a tiny mirror than faces the lens front or back.
    A pivoting lens that rotates 180 for front/back/middle.

    The last idea has all kinds of possibilities:
    Take pictures/video just by setting the iphone into any stand, or even laying flat on a desk… with the lens pivoted up towards your face.
    (No need to try to hold your camera steady… and arms length… during a 30 mins video-chat.)