Rumor Mill: IBM to Buy Apple?

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Date: Sunday, February 17th, 2002, 17:38
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Remember in the days of yore, when Apple buyout rumors were as common as updates to Mac OS 7.5? Sometimes we long for those days, which is why a one-line report from mysterious site can warm our hearts. Apple Turns caught the story, released Friday, suggesting IBM is about to offer $45/share for Apple. Did Apple’s once-nemesis IBM catch wind of last week’s revalation that OS X’s BSD roots made it a more popular desktop UNIX OS than LINUX? Will we be seeing “Peace. Love. OS X Server.” billboards soon? Of course not — not likely anyway! But rumors based in fact are so much less fun. Feel free to click that feedback link and begin wildly speculating about what BlueApple would be like.

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