Rumor: Samsung borrowing Live Photos feature for Galaxy S7 handset

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Date: Friday, January 15th, 2016, 07:40
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From one perspective, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

From the other, Samsung could just file this into the realm of legal arguments it’s had and is having with Apple.

Samsung seems to be copying the Live Photos feature found on the iPhone 6s. A new feature which shoots short video clips before and after a photo is taken appears to be surfacing from Samsung. A new rumor claims that Samsung could be first out the gate with a similar software feature for the Samsung Galaxy S7 and all its variants. Still in development, the feature could be dubbed either “Vivid Photo” or “Timeless Photo,” with Samsung allegedly rushing to get this out the door in time for the Galaxy S7’s debut in a few short weeks.

Sources have indicated that Samsung’s implementation will be a bit different than Apple’s too. Apparently Vivid/Timeless Photos won’t capture audio, but can be shared almost anywhere in a GIF format. Facebook was one of the few social networking sites that said they’d support Apple’s Live Photos when the feature was first announced on the iPhone 6S, but a more universal format like a GIF makes a whole lot more sense.

Stay tuned for additional details as they become available.

Via Phandroid and Android Geeks