Rumor says iPhone 6 will get curvy

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Date: Thursday, April 24th, 2014, 08:33
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Another report from the Japanese blog Mac Otakara says that the iPhone 6 may have more rounded edges and a curved screen similar to Samsung’s Galaxy S III, although references to a curved or “rounded” screen may simply indicate that the screen extends to the edge of the screen with the edges of the glass being rounded. The blog points to a current case design for the iPhone 5 and 5S as an example of what the edges of the future iPhone might look like. The Curvacious Bumper, from SQUAIR, adds a rounded edge to the iPhone 5/5S which the designers liken to the rounded form of the iPhone 3G.

The case is made from “Super Extra Duralumin A7075” which is an aluminum alloy. In case you are curious, the Wikipedia article states, “The name [Duralumin] is obsolete today, and mainly used in popular science to describe the Al-Cu alloy system, or ‘2000’ series, as designated by the International Alloy Designation System (IADS) originally created in 1970 by the Aluminum Association.”. The original Duralumin was introduced in 1909 and was even used in the framework of the airship Hindenburg (yes, that Hindenburg).

But I digress (it is a sharp looking bumper though), according to AppleInsider, “The publication’s sources have a decent track record in predicting future Apple product designs, especially regarding displays and screen tech.”. The Mac Otakara report also suggests that there will be changes to the iPhone 6’s antenna placement, possibly indicating a new type of antenna system or perhaps to accommodate the new design. Reliable sources or no, it’s probably best to take this one with a grain of salt. Personally, I’d love for Apple to go back to the rounded case design of the original iPhone.



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