Rumor: Significant changes to Apple’s four operating systems, no new hardware announcements in works for WWDC 2016

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Date: Monday, June 6th, 2016, 08:29
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The days leading up to WWDC 2016 are a mix of facts and rumors, but there’s some interesting stuff that’s being mentioned.

On that note, the mighty Mark Gurman went on the Jay and Farad Show podcast and offered the following predictions:

– There literally won’t be any new hardware product announcements at WWDC, but there will be announcements regarding iOS, MacOS, tvOS and watchOS.

– MacOS will receive a Siri upgrade and have it integrated in the top right corner. Photos will also see upgrades.

– iOS will see the following significant changes, including money transfers via iMessages and Apple Pay.

– iOS design refresh. More colors. Notifications will change. Tweaks in operating system.

– Big enhancements to Photos. System-wide feature like Mail Markup sketches. Snapchat/Skitch-y. More pro editing options in Photos.

– Apple Music app. More Spotify-ish. A lot more black. More album art. User interface refresh but not low level. Main menu change.

– Siri is going to be a big part of the keynote (used to control music, text, calls, email, etc). On iPhone, Siri SDK will be released. The reason why it is taking so long is privacy concerns. Will apps have to be approved to be part of the SDK?

– New encryption software?

The MacBooks are rumored to be in line for Touch ID and an OLED screen above the keyboard. The iPhones are thought to be transferring from a three year cycle to a one year cycle with the next-gen iPhone receiving simplified antenna lines, the removal of the headphone jack and waterproofing.

The 2017 iPhone is thought to be receiving a bigger screen with no bezels and Touch ID behind the screen.

As always, stay tuned for additional details as they become available and please let us know what you think it en route from WWDC in the comments.

Via 9to5Mac

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