Satellite Internet Access and the Mac

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Date: Monday, February 1st, 1999, 00:00
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A concerned reader writes to us about the lack of Macintosh support for satellite broadband services:

Moving from a downtown locale to one of the highest towns in the rockies (Co.) I had major connection concerns. Lot’s of DSL and Cable “talk” and rumors… I’m sick of it. I decided the best way to go was satellite. My first choice (of the two available in my area) was DirecPC. DirecPC is not Mac compatible. I got info here at Go2Mac regarding hook up possibilities which involved using a PC to receive then pass along to the Mac. (Wow..thats really stupid) Tachyon‘s satellite is for business use $$.

Starband‘s satellite system makes no mention of Mac. Yea… theres always some (McGuyver) way to make just about anything compatible w/ your mac but I want to be recognized by manufacturers. I don’t want to have to sneak in the back door. Im waiting for SPRINT BROAD BAND DIRECT. The site has a diagram of how it works and written in BIG PLAIN LETTERS underneath a picture of a monitor it says *MAC* or PC.

It actually listed mac first. “Mac or PC” unbelievable. Of all the offerings it was the ONLY one that had any mention of mac! If you need satellite look into this mac supporter/provider and pass the word.

What is your take? Have you connected any of the Satellite broadband service above to your Macintosh network? Tell the readers about your experience using the feedback link below.

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