Schools Going Wireless

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Date: Monday, February 1st, 1999, 00:00
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Seems a lot of schools are going wireless these days. We suspect they may be using the high frequency waves as a way of tracking us with the chips in our heads, just so they know who is stealing MacWeek from the library.

Marquette in Milwaukee has also started on the wireless bandwagon. They have gone wireless in the library.

Rochester Institute of Technology in Rochester, NY was recently involved in the test phase of implementing wireless networking in our library

The Hotchkiss School has a wireless network in place in their library and has had the network in place for about three years.

Also the school that just took local talk out of their last building this summer started the, oh give us another buzz word, Drexel Cyber Zone. There is wireless in Drexel’s Library, the Korman Computer Center, and the Creese Student Lounge. With plans to expand. It is a wonder IRT, or whatever they are called this week, could get this done. Back in Jason’s day they were still using paper cups and string, so local talk can’t be that bad.

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