Seybold: New iMacs Not Expected

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Date: Monday, February 1st, 1999, 00:00
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We shook the all-knowing magical black eight ball (anybody remember “Eight-Ball?“) last night after asking the wise one if a new iMac was in the tarot cards. The room shook, lightning lit the Ouiji board, and green goo appeared on Dr. Will’s new Kensington USB mouse. After some cackling noises and Dr. Will’s mysterious disappearance, the magical eight ball told us that it is “Very Doubtful” that new iMacs were in the cards for Steve Jobs’ Keynote Address. But of course, we were told to “Ask Again Later” twice.

The latest rumors call for a mid/late-Fall announcement and logically, this makes the most sense if Apple would like a slice of the lucrative holiday shopping season pie. Of course, a late-Fall release would be pushing Apple’s luck because they would be cutting it fairly close considering Apple’s recent troubles with shipping out the PowerBook G3 Series goods on time. The latest specifications call for 400 MHz G3 processors, DVD-ROM drives, and FireWire. Sources say that DVD-ROM drives have been considered important for the education market where DVD-ROMs really flex their storage muscle when it comes to reference materials and such.

We’re planning to keep our magical black eight ball on hand for the rest of fall. Stay tuned.

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