Shagadelic Mac Sightings in Austin Powers Movie

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Date: Monday, February 1st, 1999, 00:00
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In addition to Dr. Evil‘s USB keyboard, some of our more observant readers have picked up on more swingin’ Mac sightings in the new Austin Powers flick.

After reading the comment about Dr. Evil’s USB keyboard, I was on lookout when I went to see the movie (and it was hard to look past Heather Graham) but I did notice that one of the guys in Austin’s Swingin’ Pad during the photo shoot — is holding a Powerbook G3. Looks like the good guys have the best toys, too!

Austin Powers uses a new Powerbook G3 (Most likely a Wallstreet) when he is photographing Rebecca Romjin in the beginning of the film. Later on, in the 90’s, there is a blue imac in the corner of his room.

Pretty groovy, huh? Yeah, baby!

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