Sharp Lets You Put Your MP3s on MD

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Date: Monday, February 1st, 1999, 00:00
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From ZDNet News UK:

Launched at Comdex yesterday was a new portable music player that givesyou all your favourite musical acronyms in one device.

The Internet MiniDisc package from Sharp not only offers a fullyfunctional MiniDisc recorder but also gives you a portable MP3 playerinto the bargain.

To do this Sharp has teamed up with Voquette to bundle its NetLinksoftware. This will let you download, record and manage Internet audiofiles and create personalised playlist. The software will also let youconvert text into voice. These playlists can then be recorded ontoMiniDiscs for playback on the MD player.

The formats supported by NetLink include RealAudio, Microsoft WindowsMedia, MP3, HTML, email and text files. To record audio content youjust drag and drop it from a Web site into the Voquette Media Manager.It’s then automatically recorded.

The main advantages to this little beauty is that the player gives youthe easy editing facilities associated with MiniDisc and, moreimportantly, it lets you carry around your MP3 collection at anaffordable price. Blank MDs sell for a few quid, compared to anythingup 100 for the SmartMedia cards used in portable MP3 players.

The package includes the Voquette NetLink adapter for connecting the MDplayer to your PC.

MD, MP3, RA, etc. This Sharp portable music player is pretty well covered. Hopefully, we’ll see more of these types of players in the future.

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