Shhhh… be Quiet! – Part II

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Date: Monday, February 1st, 1999, 00:00
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Remember the PalmLounge story Shhh… be Quiet! regarding silent rail cars on certain Amtrak routes? In it we discussed how Amtrak is offering technology free rail cars for passengers who would like quietness while they travel.

Well, the Canadian government is planning to test mobile phone signal jamming technology. This means restaurant and movie patrons may not be able to use mobile devices while eating and watching movies. A three month test period is going to be implemented to get the reaction of business and their patrons.

What a good idea: quiet, technology-free zones would be, not only for advocates of silent zones but also for those who can’t seem to break away from their connection. Signal jamming technology is illegal in Canada, however Industry Canada is going to get a public opinion over a three month period. Results gathered from this study may allow the legalization of signal jamming in Canada.

Is the United States next? What do you think of such anti-technology?

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