Should Apple Heed the Ricochet Auction?

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Date: Monday, August 6th, 2001, 15:38
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Rumor has it that Apple is interested in purchasing Metricom’s network… Ok, we’re kidding, but should they be?

Do you think it would be a good idea for Apple to attempt to purchase the embattled wireless company’s infrastructure and brand it as iConnect (or some such)? Apple could create a base station that uses the Ricochet, like the Ambulan and even offer attractive bundles with all Macs on the Apple store.

If you think that is an interesting idea, contact Apple (cc:Go2Mac) and let them know.

I would probably stay with Apple forever if they owned and operated the fastest wireless network and made it easy to use. Other platforms have so many options available to them that are not available to the Mac. A friend suggested that I buy a cheap Intel box and run Red Hat on it.

For me, the fork is in the road. If apple continues to innovate, I’ll stay. If the most innovation is occurring with a free OS, I may leave. If Apple buys Ricochet they will own a geek’s dream and may attract more defectors and experienced Unix users to the platform.

What do you think? Should Apple dip into the US$4 Billion that it has in the bank to make a strategic investment?

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