Shure Earplugs Favored by Musicians

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Date: Friday, November 9th, 2001, 00:38
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Audio earplugs generally are just annoying. They feel weird, sound horrible and usually more of a pain that a help. Well as an addendum to Bob Snow’s article on low cost ear-buds, there are options that are awesome and completely remove the noise of the plane.

Shure makes two products that are worth checking out, the EV-1 and the EV-5. The EV-1 sells for about US$199 and the EV-5 is much more. These are the ear buds that you see in the ears of musicians and major concerts.

On planes they are great. I have watched many movies on my PB with no interference with the plane sounds. They work so good that you have to take them out to talk to the flight attendant. The best part is that they fit into your ear just like the foam things you roll up to keep noise out. So they are snug and you forget about them.

You can, if you want, go to an audiologist, and have your ears molded and have these placed into custom earpieces. This should cost between US$60 and US$100 including the Doctor’s visit.

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