Smell-O-Vision for the iPhone?

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Date: Friday, December 13th, 2013, 08:23
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e1eed_popcorn3_610x380It was bound to happen eventually. Believe it or not, crafty inventors have been trying to include more human senses to the media experience since 1906. Many attempts to provide audiences with this additional dimension in films resulted in many creative attempts, but has yet to provide a satisfactory experience. There has to be some parallels to the film industry and these unique attempts at box-office draw and the developing popularity of smartphones. I bet a study could be done on this, but likely people would find it as interesting as smell-o-vision itself, which was negligible.

Enter Pop Secret and their attempt to bring an additional sense (no pun) into the world of iPhone users. Using their “Pop Dongle”, Pop Secret brings a unique experience.

“Get ready for some real popcorn smell triggered by real popcorn action. The Pop Dongle works with Pop Secret’s new mobile game, Poptopia. Players try to pop as many popcorn kernels as possible to please the The Almighty Mouth. Every time you swipe the butter in the game, you’re rewarded with a spritz of real popcorn scent triggered by real popcorn action.”

Unfortunately (or not), you won’t find these hanging in the accessory display in an Apple Store. However, as one of my favorite tech bloggers David Pogue notes;

“[…] the ultimate beneficiary of this effort is the American Red Cross.

You see, only 30 Pop Dongles were made, and only three of them will be available to the public—via eBay auctions, one every few weeks. The first Pop Dongle’s auction wraps up tomorrow night (December 13); you have two more chances to get your mitts on one of these chemically scented collectibles. (The second auction runs December 13–23; the third is December 23–January 2.)”

While I applaud the creative use of the iPhone, I’m sure the time is better spent elsewhere, although I have to admit that I really like the smell of popcorn.

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