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Date: Wednesday, June 19th, 2002, 02:23
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I have been using a nifty program by the former Stimpsoft (creators of Smell-O-Mints, iHam on iRye and frogslapper, among others) called SnapperHead for a couple of months now and find it quite useful. It allows other users to see a snapshot of your current Mac desktop from anywhere on the Internet.

Besides showing what you are you doing on your computer it also allows users to see total hits, current hits, current time, current date, Mac OS Version, Computer uptime, Computer boot time, Computer boot date, SnapperHead uptime, Current active process, Running process count, Running process names, Physical RAM installed, Total memory in use, CPU Type, CPU Speed, CPU Load, Bus speed, Screen Size, Startup Disk Name, Startup Disk Size, Startup Disk Free & Used Space and the Current iTunes Song playing (My Personal Favorite).

As each person is directed to your SnapperHead Web site a camera “snap” occurs which indicates the snapshot taking place. This program is a great way to show your PC loving or hating friends how much cooler your computer is than theirs. I use this program to open up and show friends pictures instead of uploading it to a web server, as well as demonstrating small tasks that are more visual-friendly than text friendly (i.e. going to a specific window or menu).

This program is also an excellent addition to a personal Web site if you enjoy posting live links for friends and colleagues to see. With the addition of SnapperHead to your computer, your desktop becomes just one “SNAP” away!

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