Snub Macs, Demo to PCs: Adobe at PC Expo/DV Expo

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Date: Wednesday, June 26th, 2002, 05:20
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Interestingly enough, in light of their pull-out of NY MacWorld (because it’s not a good place to talk to their customers), Abobe has decided that the lower level of the Jacob Javits Convention Center IS a good place. I just returned from the PC Expo and a concurrent show called DV Expo (for digital video users, vendors, etc.). Lo and behold! Adobe has a good sized booth and huge crowd watching demos of Premiere 6.0 and After Effects (all on WIN machines, alas). One of the demo-dudes aluded to an OSX version of Premiere (we don’t talk about unreleased, etc, etc.) but did say he saw a demo ‘somewhere’ in the booth… I was unable to find it. So, while a show focusing on graphic artists and the vast creative talent of NY is NOT a good place to talk to your customers, the basement of the convention center and DV types, apparently IS.

Ed.: Thanks for the update, Douglas. I agree this is a missed opportunity for Adobe, but ironically this may be a function of a more loyal, more Adobe-savvy Mac market. Macworld is an extraordinarily expensive show, and trade shows drain both resources and energy without clear results, a conversation I’ve had with music notation software company Sibelius. I do think, though, that software companies too often underestimate the power of casual Mac walk-ins at Macworld and elsewhere (and after I tried to convince Sibelius to do a previous Macworld, they’ll be in NY for the first time next month if you want to visit)! Sound off in feedback as to how important you think trade shows really are. -PK

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