Some boutique, department stores to have Apple Watch units available for April 24th launch

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Date: Thursday, April 23rd, 2015, 08:26
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If you’re looking to actually walk into a store, put your mitts on an Apple Watch tomorrow, pay money for it and walk away with said Apple Watch, your choices are limited. The wearable WILL be available, but only in very limited inventories at select retail locations.

Apple has apparently partnered with a few department stores and boutiques. Among these are The Corner in Berlin, Maxfield in Los Angeles, and Dover Street Market in Tokyo and London. It’s also been reported that Maxfield will be opening two hours early on the 24th to accommodate Apple Watch customers.

As has been reported here, the first wave of Apple Watch pre-orders is out the door while others are still in a “Processing” stage and aren’t expected to head out the door for a few weeks. Pre-orders that were received more than 30 minutes after start of the April 10th launch aren’t expected to ship until June.

Retail inventory is expected to be very limited, so arrive early, be patient and you might be able to walk away with a cool new Apple Watch riding your wrist.

Via The Mac Observer and Reuters

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