Some users experiencing “crackling earpiece” issue with iPhone X units

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Date: Monday, November 13th, 2017, 03:34
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There are always going to be some issues with a brand new handset and the iPhone X doesn’t seem to be exempt from this rule.

A number of users have reported what appears to be crackling and buzzing coming from the iPhone X’s earpiece speaker.

One commenter reported that he notices the crackling when playing stuff at “near max volume or when putting people on speakerphone.” Another commenter references the same issue and says he’s experiencing “fidelity issues and cracking when using the speakerphone at high volumes.”

Another user stated that the crackling issue occurs even when the handset is set for 50 percent of its full volume with another tweeting the following:

Yeah, it’s the top speaker for me. It seems to be rattling/clipping when playing anything at high volume, even if it’s just someone talking. I even got my phone replaced yesterday, but the new unit has the same issue.

While the iPhone 8 also suffered from an earpiece crackling problem, this seems to be different in that it tends to occur around higher volumes. Apple fixed the iPhone 8 problem via a software update. Early speculation around this issue is that it’s also software related seeing how it persists even after a replacement.

It’s unknown how many units are affected by this issue at this point.

If you’ve experienced the iPhone X crackling earpiece issue on your end or have any thoughts regarding the issue, please let us know in the comments section.

Via 9to5Mac and Reddit

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One Response to “Some users experiencing “crackling earpiece” issue with iPhone X units”

  1. And THIS is why I won’t touch a new iPhone version for at least 6 months. Very happy with my iPhone 7 right now.