Some users experiencing Wi-Fi-related issues after OS X 10.10.2, iOS 8.1.3 updates

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Date: Friday, January 30th, 2015, 08:31
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If you’re slamming your head against a nearby object about your Wi-Fi performance after the OS X 10.10.2 and/or iOS 8.1.3 updates, you’re not alone.

Per Macworld, a second OS X 10.10 update, labeled 10.10.2, was publicly released Tuesday. Leading off the improvements offered in the update was “resolves an issue that might cause Wi-Fi to disconnect,” according to the release notes.

Despite this claim, Apple’s support forum was filled with tales of frustrated users who upgraded to 10.10.2 and still had weak or nonexistent Wi-Fi connections and trouble using Wi-Fi with Bluetooth-enabled devices.

“I don’t know what has been fixed with 10.10.2 but I see absolutely zero improvement,” wrote a person whose 2011 personal and work iMacs lose Wi-Fi connectivity.

Even after 10.10.2 was installed on an iMac, the machine forces a router reboot when connecting, another user reported.

When the router reboots, all other devices on the network immediately lose their Internet connection, the commenter noted, adding: “Since upgrading to Yosemite last year I haven’t been able to use Wi-Fi.”

Another person had Wi-Fi connectivity after installing the update, but enabling Bluetooth wrecked the connection.

“I turned on Bluetooth to use it with my Apple Magic Mouse and Apple Wireless Keyboard, but WLAN issues still exist. Turning [Bluetooth] off, all works as usual,” the person said.

At Drew University in Madison, New Jersey, Yosemite’s flaws forced the school’s IT department to dissuade students and faculty from upgrading to the OS.

“As this upgrade appears to be more troublesome than other Apple releases, University Technology is strongly advising that users who have not already done so not to upgrade their Macs to Yosemite and instead wait until Apple addresses these issues,” the school’s IT department said in a Jan. 9. email. The university didn’t immediately reply to further requests for comment.

Mac owners aren’t the only Apple users experiencing wireless connection failures after updating their OS. Wi-Fi connectivity issues have also dogged iOS 8 since Apple released the mobile OS on Sept. 17. The thread “iOS 8 Wi-Fi problems” in the Apple Support forum has 527,483 views and 1,629 comments since Sept. 20.

Unlike with Mac OS, Apple has yet to indicate that iOS 8 may have a bug that wrecks the Wi-Fi capabilities of iPhones, iPads, and iPod touches. Apple released its latest mobile OS update, labelled 8.1.3, on Tuesday, but the release notes didn’t mention a Wi-Fi fix.

Instead, the update reduced the amount of storage space required to perform an update and resolved an issue around some users being unable to enter their Apple ID password for Messages and FaceTime, among other fixes.

Users who hoped the update would fix their Wi-Fi issues faced disappointment after installing the software.

“I did the update to 8.1.3 and it made no difference on the Wi-Fi issue,” said a person who installed the update on Tuesday.

“Upgraded to 8.1.3, no discernible improvement, still poor Wi-Fi connection,” wrote another person on Wednesday.

Apple didn’t immediately reply to a request for comment.

If you’ve had Wi-Fi-related issues following the OS X 10.10.2 and/or iOS 8.1.3 updates, please let us know what’s happened in the comments.

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46 Responses to “Some users experiencing Wi-Fi-related issues after OS X 10.10.2, iOS 8.1.3 updates”

  1. RT @JasonOGrady: Some users experiencing Wi-Fi-related issues after OS X 10.10.2, iOS 8.1.3 updates

  2. RT @JasonOGrady: Some users experiencing Wi-Fi-related issues after OS X 10.10.2, iOS 8.1.3 updates

  3. I have updated ipod with ios 8.1.3 and I cant scroll my screen and I have to double tap buttons. I have re booted but it makes no change. What else can i do??

  4. Some users experiencing Wi-Fi-related issues after OS X 10.10.2, iOS 8.1.3 updates:

  5. Just updated my iPad to the new iOS 8.1.3. Had to download new versions of apps (eg Facebook) to make them work. ALso having trouble with browsers (Safari and Chrome) crashing on image heavy/Javascript web page. Not happy at all.

    This is the web page:!blog/chun

  6. Have a brand new IMac 27 in retina. did the update now no internet wifi connection having to use old mac latop (works fine on wifi and is next to the new Mac so know its not the router) and awaiting for a call back from apple care ………have read all the DNS etc suggestions but nothing is working
    Really serious as in process of business set up.

  7. I just bought an iphone 6 plus. Immediately upon turning on the phone, I noticed wifi connectivity problems. I updated the device to iOS 8.1.3 hoping it would resolve the issue but to no avail. All my other devices connect perfectly to the wifi, but the phone simply will not. I have tried every solution suggested on various websites as to how to resolve the problem and nothing works. I am a long time Apple supporter and have only Apple devices, but I am truly troubled by this. My phone is rendered 50% useless without wifi capability.

  8. RT @JasonOGrady: Some users experiencing Wi-Fi-related issues after OS X 10.10.2, iOS 8.1.3 updates

  9. Just updated my IPAD to IOS 8.1.3 and now I cannot connect to my WIFI system. My Macbook running 10.6.8 (highest level allowed) is operating w/o any issues with the same WIFI. Hopefully Apple will correct this soon.

  10. The reasonable wifi stability I enjoyed before updating to IOS 8.1.3 has now reverted to the all to familiar intermittent and frequent wifi dropouts from earlier versions. Arghh, too déjà-vu. Again going through the range of more and less esoteric ‘fixes’ proposed on various forums to no avail so far. Apple continues to make a shambles of response to serious bugs and covers itself in shame. Where is all that profit going?

  11. Had no wi-Fi issues until I upgraded to iOS 8.1.3 on my iPad. Have to shut down and reboot many times a day to get any Wi-Fi happening. Grrrrr.

  12. I am facing intermittent wifi connectivity. Internet stops working untill i turn on and off wifi on macbook. Even upgrading to 10.10.2 didn’t solved the issue.

  13. After updating to 8.1.3 I have worse wifi issues than ever! My phone will not stay connected to wifi and it will not except my password for my connection. I’m going to try to downgrade if possible. Apple your sucking at you job, which is sad because you use to be known for excellence!!!!!

  14. I did not have a WIFI problem, until the auto upgrade to OS X 10.10.2 was installed on my 2013 MacBook Air. Now, the WIFI jumps to someone else’s router, that has a signal near my router’s signal strength. My FIX (until Apple corrects the software) is to “turn OFF the WiFi;” “turn ON the WiFi & select my router.” There is no pattern as to how much time elapses when I am online, before my MacBook Air jumps off my router to another’s router. This is frustrating.

  15. My wifi was fine until i upgraded to 10.10.2 now no internet on my macbook retina 🙁

  16. This is the pits, I updated on Saturday afternoon and two hours later I was spending the next two hours trying to get my bluetooth mouse to work.
    What a pain, I don’t usually update systems until I know it’s safe, but it now does it just about automatically.

    It’s the pits.

  17. Phone loses LTE, has to search, gets a1x signal, I have an iPhone 5. Sprint is the carrier, since installing the 8.1.3 update my phone’s cellular data connection has been absolutely terrible.

  18. I uploaded 8.1.3 today and am now unable to connect to my home WIFI

  19. Since updating my battery is drained extremely quick, within hours. I bought a new battery thinking that may have been a problem but no change. The iphone is less than 18 months and my first. Not sure now it was the right way to go.

  20. Updated to 8.1.3 and it broke my wifi. Wifi drops and reconnects but it sucks. Also poor signal strength.

  21. OS X 10.10.2 made my iMac stop functioning!!! Completely!!!
    I have to reinstall 10.10.1 to get working again … which isn’t wonderful either!
    How can they release such crap????

  22. WiFi was working on my iPad until I updated today to iOS 8.1.3 and not it show connected in settings but it is not connected to the internet.

  23. Updated New IPad Air to IOS 8.1.3. in hopes to fix all the bugs caused by 8.0 update, only to be plagued with more issues including major WiFi Connectivity problems. Makes me wonder if Apple is working in cahoots with the the Gov’t trying to get folks to upgrade to latest devices with finger print scanner technology, so they can add your finger print to Gov’t database. “I guess my IPad has taken a shit now, so better upgrade my device.” With as much money Apple makes you would think they would be more willing to take care of their loyal customers by issuing a recall if need be. I am ready to say good by to Apple for good. Switched from IPhone to Android a year ago bc Apple kept screwing over its customers and now IOS 8 nightmares with Apple giving two shits. Just bought a new IPad Air 128GB before IOS 8 upgrade and what a fucking waste of money that was. Nothing but problems have been plaguing my brand new device since upgrade. Screw Apple!

  24. I updated both Ipad Air and Iphone 5S to 8.1.3 and I now cannot connect to WiFi. I have an old ipad 2 (no sound) that does connect which I will not upgrade. I reset the network settings on both devises and rebooted my router, no luck at all. These are very expensive door stops to say the least. I don’t know what to do next.

  25. I updated my iphone 5s to 8.1.3. Since then my wifi on only 1 of 3 email accounts I have set up on my phone no longer works. My Verizon email will no longer connect with wifi unless I reset my router, then it’s a temporary fix. My gmail accounts work fine along with Safari. What the heck?!

  26. I for some strange reason, broke my long a stablished Apple rule: if it works, leave it alone.
    I updated my iPad2 and my iPhone 5 to iOS 8.1.3.. Big mistake that I know as a very old Mac user…
    Now nothing but wifi issues not relater to any one of my 3 wifi routers. Even tried resetting all of them.
    This is why I will not update my MacPro that I have a 3 or 4 year old OS 10 version because it works perfectly even though I don’t have imessage or FaceTime on it.
    Same thing with our imac.
    Take it from someone who knows Apple, If your system is working, leave it alone even though Apple claims more bells and whistles.
    It seems to be more serious in the post Jobs era. At least old mtg, solved issues faster, better.

  27. Upgraded to 8.1.3 on the iPhone 4s and now the wifi option is greed out. Apple refuses to own the problem they created saying the answer is to purchase a new phone.

    Another lost Apple customer!

  28. Yes it is too frustrating that i cannot use internet in my room which i used to and now i have to move near to the modem to get the connectivity…..
    Apple should fix the current problems rather than focusing on future updates

  29. I lost the ability to access wifi after dowloading iOS 8.1.3
    What can I do

  30. Just updated my I PHONE 5s to IOS 8.1.3 and now I cannot connect to my office WIFI system.but i still connect to my home WIFI . some of my friends have the same issue

  31. I upgraded to IOS 8.1.3 and my exchange calendar and email will not update while on wifi. When I go to cellular service the updates come through and calendar and email update. I wonder if this is a way to force data usage

  32. I’m having the same problem…. However my iPad air works just fine.

  33. I have an iPod touch that refuses to connect to home wi-fi. Continues saying the password is wrong or it doesn’t even register that there is a signal

  34. Downloaded iOS 8.1.3. And I cannot connect to any Wi-Fi with that beimg at home or anywhere.

  35. 10.10.2 introduced WIFI issue on my MacBook Pro 2014. Didn’t have any problems before that.

  36. I can’t even use my iPad 2 retina bc it won’t connect to wifi tried cpl fixes I seen in discussions

  37. To be clear it’s been since the latest iOS updates

  38. all 3 of my 2011 3.4 imacs lost all bluetooth capabilities after 10.10.2. nothing else wrong with 10.10.2. Now has apple figured a way to remove or downgrade back to 10.10?

  39. Since doing the 8.1.3 update on my iPhone 4s I no longer have any wifi capability. Have tried all the suggested fixes and nothing works. My wifi is greyed out in my settings.

  40. My 4S is the same. If I find a fix I will tell you.

  41. Brand new phone 6+ ..: forced to burn through my cellular data as my wifi will not stay connected … Where do I even get help for this? Thinking of a big return and switch to different company hate these “glitches” far too expensive for a peice of technology that does not work properly.

  42. Down loaded the ISO 8.1.3. Now my iPad stalls on every program. Safari and Facebook just sit there thinking. Little circle next to wifi signal just spins.

  43. two days ago bought 2 iPhones: one for my wife and one for myself. Yesterday upgraded iOS to 8.1.3 and our WiFi is not working any more. First question from my wife was: is it already broken? iPad 3 WiFi is dead too. In the meantime Macbook Pro connects to the same router without a problem. We still have android phones…

  44. MY iPhone 4S is having wifi problems. On Control Center, the wifi button is grated out, and the switch in settings is blurred out. It worked fine on iOS 7, bet when u upgraded it to 8 the wifi was like that and it has been like that ever since.
    iPhone 4s 16gb iOS 8.1.3

  45. Today 3/12/15, did IOS update to iPhone 4s and phone will not restart; screen is stuck on Apple icon display; Tried “hard” reboot several times and the same thing happens.

  46. I think I’ve found a fix!
    Go to: Wifi settings, then to the left select “Set Service Order”, and make sure WIFI is the first one. Click set and wait for wifi to reconnect.
    Worked for me 🙂