Sony Claims Sony-Apple TV Scuttled by Job's Ego

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Date: Wednesday, March 12th, 2003, 06:40
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Studio Briefing reports that Sony was trying to work with Apple to build a TV set with the functions of a PC but simplicity of operation. According to Studio Briefing, “In an interview with Tony Perkins, editor-in-chief of the now defunct Red Herring, for his Always On website, Idei said that Sony had met with Apple Chairman Steve Jobs in January, March and June of last year “to try to work out a mutual strategy.” However, Idei added: “You know Steve. He has his own agenda. Although he is a genius, he doesn’t share everything with you. This is a difficult person to work with if you are a big company. We started working with them, but it is a nightmare.” Sony’s U.S. head, Howard Stringer, who sat in on the interview, interjected: “We are also rivals, and trying to get together would frankly be a waste of time.”

So, which is really to blame: has Steve’s peculiar personality struck again, or was it never meant to be in the first place? Hard to say without knowing what was being discussed. Clearly the world doesn’t need another WebTV, even from Sony. Thanks to nsda’s deviant for the story tip, and to Michael Young, who wonders if strained Sony-Apple relations could be affecting Mac support for cell phones.

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