Sony Clie T415 – Mac Compatible

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Date: Tuesday, February 5th, 2002, 01:42
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After comparing a new Sony Clie PEG-T415 to my old “recalibrate the stylus every hour” Palm V, I was hooked. The screen has to be seen to be believed, not to mention some great industrial design. (I got mine for US$237). The only snag – no Mac support. I bought it anyway.

Virtual PC would be a small price to pay for the elegant design and legibility of this screen. Once I had it home, I hooked it up to OS X and pressed the hotsync button – hey, you gotta do it, right? What do you know? It connected and hotsynced to Palm Desktop 4 (beta)!

I was ecstatic about this and thought I should share the joy. After a little research it seems that the newer Clie models are all able to hotsync with Palm Desktop 4 beta for Mac OS X. For the rest there’s always Missing Sync , which adds some fancy Memory Stick management to boot.

Early reports tell us that Sony’s color PEG-T615C will also hotsync with Palm Desktop 4 beta. Let’s hope that Sony keeps it that way for the final release. What has your experience been? Use the feedback link below to chime in.

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