Sony Mavica CD300 and USB

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Date: Saturday, September 8th, 2001, 09:44
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Jason and the Go2Mac family,

I just purchased the Sony Mavica CD300 and use a TiBook. Though this cool CD-R/RW camera doesn’t support Mac USB, the sex appeal and low media cost was too much to resist.

On a whim, I connected the camera via USB and the drive showed on the desktop. I was able to view and copy images to my hard drive, but I didn’t try to burn anything. On subsequent connections, the drive doesn’t appear on the desktop, but it is recognized correctly by the System Profiler.

It would appear that Sony has purposefully disable Macintosh USB access to this camera. They offer USB support for lower-end models, and for many CD-R/RW drives. Does anyone else have some insight on this?

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