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Date: Monday, February 1st, 1999, 00:00
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A PowerPage reader sends this feedback about Sony’s newly released VAIO C1 PictureBook (a.k.a. the PCG-C1X):

I’m writing this on a Sony Vaio Picturebook PCG-C1X, my 292 is in the shop, for a minor battery charging issue, and now other things, and since the new ones didn’t come out when Steve said they would, I’m stuck using this friggin PC. It is cute and gets looks and oohs and ahh’s allover, I can only hope P1 is similar in size to this or the larger Vaios, BTW you haven’t been in USB hell until you’ve used it within Win98, my Beta 3 of NT5, er Win2K is Back ordered, but that goes on this as soon as I get it. My next purchase (unless the Bronze keyboard G3 comes in) is hopefully going to be a CD-ROM for it that should work with my Macs as well – Freecom’s Traveller CDRW, much cheaper than Sony’s Proprietary interfaced CDR ($799) and should also eventually be Firewire capable.

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