Space Heaters Join the iMac Coloring Scheme

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Date: Monday, February 1st, 1999, 00:00
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NoBeige reader Kay Friedlein sent us this email, originally titled “Even Boilers Come in Colors,” about a German space heater called the TopOne:

The German company “Wolf Heating Technology” now presents a line of boilers called the “TopOne.”

They come in four colors named after gems: emerald-green, agate-orange, topas-brown and sapphire-blue. They are ease to use, sporting only two buttons, which let you program them like a radio. And of course they got light sensors, so they will go on heating even when you work late, and won’t let in the cold until you’re safe in bed and turn off the light.

You could let them run, this heating system, from within your living room, and while you’re surfing the net with your fruity iMac. So the “TopOne” not only warms your feet, but your hearts, too.

Coincidentally, we hear that the new fan-less iMacs also work well as space heaters.