Spam Script For Entourage

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Date: Monday, May 20th, 2002, 00:00
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If you are tired of getting SPAM and want to report it to the government, you can email the SPAM to or you can install this program and it will automate the process. Also, this program will grab all of the necessary header files. Here is what you do:

1. Download Railhead Design’s SpamReporter 1.5. Make sure to drag the “countdown.cgi” program that you downloaded onto stuffit expander. It will expand into a folder with the application, and a readme.

2. Then drop the SpamReporter Script 1.4 cS file from your desktop onto your hard drive in the following manor:

  • quit entourage
  • double click on hard drive from desktop
  • make sure you view your hard drive in the multi-pane view
  • click on “Home” button
  • click on “Documents”
  • Click on “Microsoft User Data”
  • Drag SpamReporter Script 1.4 cS into “Entourage Script Menu Items”

3. Launch entourage, check mail. If you have a SPAM message that has no “unsubscribe feature” or appears to be illegal junk email, choose the SpamReporter from your scripts menu (next to help menu). The cool thing about it is that it grabs the RFC header file and forwards the entire message to UCE@FTC.GOV all with one menu item.

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