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SpamSieve Updated to 2.8.2

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Date: Wednesday, May 26th, 2010, 04:26
Category: News, Software

Michael Tsai’s must-have shareware program, SpamSieve, has just been updated to version 2.8.2. The new version, a 5.9 megabyte download, makes the following fixes and improvements:

Improved compatibility with pre-release versions of Mac OS X.
- Added Dutch, Italian, and Swedish localizations.
- Made various code improvements and modernizations.
- SpamSieve is better able to recover from certain types of damaged corpus files.
- Updated the Setting up Eudora section of the manual.
- Improved the layout of the Software Update window.
- Adjusted the packaging of the disk image and the installation instructions.
- Fixed a bug that could cause a crash when parsing messages with an invalid Date header.
- Fixed a regression where SpamSieve would sometimes bring up an alert sheet to report that you already had the latest version.
- Fixed a crash in the software updater.

SpamSieve is available for a US$30 registration fee and requires Mac OS X 10.4 or later to run. The new version can either be downloaded directly from the web site or brought up to the current version via the program’s built-in update feature.

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