Special Macworld Issue Not Mailed to Subscribers

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Date: Wednesday, April 10th, 2002, 01:00
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The upcoming special Mac OS X issue of Macworld magazine will not be mailed to subscribers, it must be ordered separately. From their mailing list:

We’ve heard from a lot of people regarding Macworld’s forthcoming OS X special issue, available only on newsstands. Here are some details: It should be appearing on your local newsstand in early April. U.S. subscribers can order a copy for $10.95 (including shipping and handling) by calling 800/288-6848. The issue does include a full-sized magazine, a 40-page booklet of OS X tips and Unix tricks, and two (count ’em) CD-ROMs. The magazine contains new content, some of the best of Macworld’s previous OS X coverage updated for OS X version 10.1, and excerpts from some of O’Reilly and Associates’ best Mac books, including David Pogue’s Mac OS X: The Missing Manual.

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