Spring TiBook Gains New Video

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Date: Wednesday, April 24th, 2002, 01:28
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NVIDIA GeForce4 GoAccording to a source Apple will include an updated video subsystem in the new 667 and 800 MHz TiBooks due 30 April.

Out is the current anemic 16 MB ATI Mobility RADEON graphics accelerator. In is a new video chipset that will include a DVI output. The addition of the DVI out will finally allow you to connect the new PowerBook to Apple’s ADC flat panel displays – with the use of a product like Dr. Bott’s US$150 DVIator. (The DVIator combines a DVI video, USB and external power to drive Apple’s ADC 15″, 17″ and 22″ flat panel displays.)

Although the manufacturer of the new video chipset is still unknown, it would be great to see Apple again jump to the fore by choosing either the NVIDIA GeForce4 Go Series, or ATI’s Mobility Fire GL 7800 – a 64 MB, 128-bit DDR memory processor with a 270MHz clock speed and 32-bit color resolution.

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