Star Wars EP1 Compatibility Issues (Updated)

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Date: Sunday, October 28th, 2001, 20:07
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This is an update to my previous story about viewing the Star Wars EP1 DVD set with my PowerBook G3 (Wallstreet 233 MHz running OS9.0). I’ve since gone through and viewed both entire DVDs without problems of accessibility.

If the FBI or ATTENTION screen locks up just stop the disk and press play again. It’s a great DVD set with some priceless “digital outtakes” at the end of the Deleted Scenes Documentary. It’s a shame that Mac users cannot access the special DVD-ROM Web site stuff – this is noted on that section of the DVD menu.

[The shot of George Lucas from 1994 with the PowerBook Duo and DuoDock behind him are worth the price of admission alone -Ed]

Some additional comments:

The next pressings of the DVD should be FULLY Mac compatible, and be available for sale online at complete with a direct graphical link from the homepage.

The sooner the better! And if LucasFilm is really savy they should include a little something extra. These would FLY out of the Apple Store! [Brian Harrison]

Before you complain too much about “missing out” on the “features” that Win DVD users can access, realize this:

The “integration and control” issues the Win coders want to use in creating “interactive” DVDs use the EXACT same pernicious APIs (tools) that allow every snot-faced teenage cracker/hacker to write nasty virii and similar junk.

Less control is a thing to appreciate – if it means less “DVD interactivity”, then I can live happily without it.

BTW, I use several Win boxes as well and the whole PC Friendly DVD “technology” stunk to high heaven. Quite understandable that their marketing folks renamed the 2.0 version. THAT bad. 😉

Interactivity is done for a reason – suck you into their marketing machine. TANSTAAFL, dudes. [Thomas Kase]

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