Starcraft Total Conversion: GundamCentury (beta)

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Date: Monday, February 1st, 1999, 00:00
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Here’s some good stuff for those who can’t get enough of Starcraft. A beta version of the GundamCentury Total Conversion for Starcraft is now available, and it turns nearly all Terran units into a Gundam theme. OoklaTheMok tells us:

GundamCentury, a Total Conversion for Starcraft, has released a beta macversion equivalent to the PC beta version. Gundam is a popular Animemecha saga that has been continuing for 20 years, and the GundamCenturyTC is currently the best Starcraft TC in development. The currentplayable beta version converts the graphics of every Terran unit exceptthe Assimilator. Future releases will convert the rest of the game.Sounds, music, and campaigns are planned. All the conversion work isactually being done by just one person, KurenaiJiku, as a kind of resumefor games companies.

The total conversion is available for download from

Download the GundamCentury Total Conversion (beta, 3.5 MB)

Download the introductory movie (13.5 MB)

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