Steve Jobs Sighted at CA Apple Store Opening

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Date: Saturday, October 6th, 2001, 18:21
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Reader report: New Palo Alto store gets a visit from a friendly neighbor

Heya! I just got back from the new apple Store in Palo Alto, CA – Apple HQ’s back yard. I arrived about 9 am and the line was arround the block (as predicted) for the 10 a.m. opening. The store opened about 20 mins early and the line moved quickly.

Apple employees were all over the place ready to help. There was an OS X 10.1 demo going on and the place was packed. The Apple site said that t-shirts were going to be given out to the first 1000 customers, but as I walked by again a few hours later (with a line STILL around the block) there were still lots of free t-shirts available. Also, the OS X 10.1 upgrade pack was being handed out like Halloween candy! My brother and I each picked up one for friends (we already got ours at Sybold almost two weeks ago). At one point an Apple employee asked my brother if he had gotten his upgrade, to which he replyed yes and held it up to show her. She then handed him ANOTHER one and walked away.

The best part was as I was standing in line to purchase my item (ToonBoom Studio), I looked across the room and motioned to my brother and said, “Is that Steve Jobs?” It in fact was. He was with Jon Rubinstein (Senior Vice President Hardware Engineering). I went over, shook Steve’s hand and told him congratulations on the new store and praised OS X 10.1. He said, “It is only the beginning”.

Quite a nice treat to actualy MEET someone who is responsible for changing the world.

Dave Jackson

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