Symantec Announces Utility Suite for X; Redefines Word "First"

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Date: Thursday, February 21st, 2002, 10:39
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Symantec has announced what it calls the “industry’s first complete line of Internet security and problem solving products designed specifically for Mac OS X.” Norton Internet Security for Macintosh 2.0 offers stealth protection mode, confidential information controls for critical data like social security and credit card numbers, firewall, and ad blocking.

SystemWorks is “the world’s first product to allow users to fix disk errors and recover lost files or applications natively on Mac OS X” according to Symantec, although, frankly, that statement is a little confusing. In addition to Apple’s own X-native Disk First Aid, as well as surprisingly robust tools built into OS X’s BSD layer, Micromat has offered Drive X since the summer; I wrote one of the first reviews of that software shortly after its release. SystemWorks does appear to offer more features and may even be a better product, but it’s hardly “first.”

Symantec then goes farther in its press release and calls the software the “world’s only disk repair and data recovery” software “built natively” for X. Did Al Gore just join Symantec’s board?

That said, SystemWork’s lineup is truly impressive and is great news for OS X users: Norton AntiVirus, Norton Utilities, Retrospect Express, Spring Cleaning, and DiskWarrior “Recovery Edition” will all be included in one box. Retrospect Express is particularly good news for OS X backup; Dantz has mostly been talking about its high-end Retrospect which is overkill for standalone systems. SystemWorks is easily shaping up to be a must-buy for X users, if all goes smoothly. Symantec has preorders available now for US$99.95 (Norton Internet Security) and US$129.95 (Norton SystemWorks). Rebates for current users are available. The software is due to ship next month.

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