T-Mobile offers cheaper family plans, other deals in promotional efforts to win marketshare

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Date: Wednesday, December 10th, 2014, 14:23
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The wireless carrier price wars continue.

And maybe you can use it to your advantage.

Per Macworld, T-Mobile is rolling out yet another limited-time offer on wireless service, this time bringing the cost of unlimited data way down for families.

The carrier is now charging US$100 per month for two lines with unlimited 4G LTE data, down from a regular price of US$140 per month. Additional lines cost US$40 per month—same as before—and subscribers can have up to 10 total lines at this price.

There is just one catch: To get the US$100 per month base price, everyone on the plan must have unlimited data. For subscribers who can get by with less, T-Mobile is also bringing back an earlier promotion that provided 2.5 GB of 4G LTE data to four lines for US$100 per month (subscribers who exceed these limits can still get online, but at much slower speeds.)

From an analysis perspective, T-Mobile has been trying to overtake Sprint as the third-largest U.S. carrier, but is facing new price pressures from Spring itself. An ongoing Sprint promotion lets families split 20 GB of data for US$100 per month (with an additional US$15 per line fee kicking in after 2015), and its unlimited plans now cost US$50 per month for iPhones and US$60 per month for other phones. T-Mobile’s new promotions give the carrier a slight edge for unlimited data, though it can’t quite match Sprint’s US$100 tiered offering.

A deal’s a deal and if you’ve seen a good wireless plan for your iPhone out there, please let us know in the comments.

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