"Steve Jobs" Announces Three iPods on SNL

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Date: Sunday, November 20th, 2005, 11:55
Category: Humor

Sometimes there’s a huge benefit to having a DVR, like last night when my TiVo recorded Saturday Night Live. Imagine my surprise when Steve Jobs shows up during the usually funny Weekend Update fake news segment. Naturally it wasn’t SJ himself, but SNL funnyman Fred Armisen.
Fred, er, Steve, used the SNL segment to launch three exciting new iPods:
– iPod Micro (50,000 songs, iPhoto, watch movies on it in high definition)
– iPod Pequeno (one million songs, iCal that goes “seven thousand years into the future,” iPhoto, movies), and the
– iPod Invisa (eight million songs, “every photograph ever taken,” pong, completely invisible)