REVIEW: Tom Bihn Super Ego Notebook Bag

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Date: Monday, December 4th, 2006, 11:00
Category: Luggage

tom-bihn-super-ego-1-250.jpgThe Tom Bihn Super Ego (US$140) is a hybrid messenger/shoulder bag that is designed to fit all sizes of their Brain Cell laptop insert and a lot of other of stuff.
I call it a hybrid because it combines the best feature of a shoulder bag (being able to access contents from the top) and the cool flap unique to messenger-style bags. The bag pictured is the Super Ego in Black/Steel with the Blue seat belt buckle strip.
Tom Bihn has been designing and making bags for over 20 years. The daypacks he made when he was 13 years old are still in use and in Santa Cruz, California, where Tom grew up, his laptop cases and book bags are almost legendary.
Tom is a bit of a renegade too…


Samsung Introduces First Diskless Notebook

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Date: Wednesday, October 11th, 2006, 00:00
Category: PC Notebook

…and don’t think that Apple isn’t paying attention:

Samsung goodness just keeps rolling along. In Korea, the manufacturer
of all things slick has announced it’s going to put Solid State
Drive notebooks into production, and already have the specs of one on
its Korean website.

CrunchGear :: Samsung Intros SSD-Based Notebook