Tax Time: TaxCut is OS X Native

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Date: Monday, February 18th, 2002, 17:50
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H&R Block and Kiplinger’s TaxCut, rival to the popular TurboTax, is the only tax return app for 2001 that runs native on OS X (as well as OS 9). TaxCut is also half of what TurboTax costs: the deluxe edition of TaxCut is just US$24.95 instead of $49.95, and H&R Block claims that TaxCut is faster by skipping questions most of us don’t need to answer. (Anyone other than me get tired of explaining that you’re not a disabled veteran who owns a farm that lost money last year?) We’ll see whether TaxCut lives up to its claims: I’ll post a review once my tax return is done, for those of you putting off your taxes!

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